Short Films

Take a Breath (writer, director, producer)


A scientist finds herself trapped in a sinister plot to use new technology against her.

  • Official Selection – 13 Minutes of Horror Film Festival premiered on Shudder
  • Winner – Best Short Film 21st Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards

assembly line of broken hearts (producer/director)


Using projection as an emotional storytelling technique this experimental short film explores themes of inequality.

  • Femme Filmmakers Festival 2022
  • Dayton Independent Film Festival 2020
  • Des Moines Underground Film Festival 2020
  • Shortcut 100 International Film Festival 2020

A Message From Teddy (writer/director/producer)


Your teddy bear has something to say to you.

  • Top 40 & Best Comedy Nominee – Quarantine International Film Festival 2020
  • From A Distance Film Festival 2020

The Designer’s Program (Producer/Director)


A mysterious designer uses secret technology to test the boundaries of a fractured sister relationship.

  • MayDay Film Festival 2020
  • A Halloween Screaming Film Festival 2019

Holding Pattern (writer/director/producer)


A flight attendant survives a plane crash and struggles to find a way to cope.

  • Eau Claire World Film Festival 2018
  • Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival 2018
  • Direct Short Online Film Festival 2018
  • Queen Palm International Film Festival 2018
  • Lucid Film Festival 2018

We Hate Bob (writer/director/producer)


Suffering through the constant torments of an extremely annoying person named Bob, a monthly support group secretly gathers to vent their frustrations.

  • Winner Best Comedic Film – Frozen Film Festival 2018
  • Winner Best Writer – Laugh Or Die Comedy Festival 2018
  • Winner Best Director – Mountain Of Laughs Comedy Festival 2018
  • Winner Audience Award Best Narrative ShortEau Claire World Film Festival 2017
  • Oregon Short Film Festival 2018
  • Door County Short Film Festival 2018
  • Royal Starr Film Festival 2018
  • Sunrise 45 Film Festival 2017
  • Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival 2017
  • Kansas International Film Festival 2017