A Violent Flammable World

In a dystopian world, a dispirited new headhunter must learn to adapt when the mysterious authority forces her to kill and feed on those deemed undesirable.



  • Sidewalk Narrative Lab, Stowe Story Labs
  • Finalist, Nyx Horror Fellowship


  • Finalist, Female Voices Rock Film Festival 2023
  • Finalist, The Film Fund 2022
  • Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards Season 6
  • Shortlist, Barnstorm Fest 2021

Analyst at WeScreenplay comments: “From the description to the dialogue, the writing is evocative and striking and sets the stage for an interesting world.”

Where Was Josie? – Pilot: She’s Back

TV Series: Sci-Fi/Mystery

When a young woman reappears after missing for 10 years with an unbelievable story of alien abduction, a police chief must discover the truth to this mystery as strange happenings begin to plague her sleepy small town.

  • Quarterfinalist, Female Voices Rock Film Festival 2023

Dear Janie

Feature: Drama

Janie returns to her hometown after her grandfather’s death compelling her to face the people and secrets she left behind.

  • Winner River Bend Film Festival Best Independent Script 2017
  • Girls Don’t Cry Official Selection 2018
  • Oaxaca Filmfest Official Global Script Challenge Selection 2016

Michael’s Angel

Feature: Drama/Comedy

A visit from an angel, who also happens to be his long-deceased girlfriend, prompts a writer to rethink his priorities.

Those of Us Crying

Feature: Drama

Nearing the end of their high school years three friends in a small town get some harsh lessons and realize life is more complicated than they anticipated.

  • River Bend Film Festival Official Selection 2016

Retaliation Night     

Short: Horror   

Tired of being abducted and abused by aliens, one night a woman takes matters into her own hands.

  • 3rd place New 32 horror anthology writing contest


Short: Thriller

Four women friends must face a harsh situation when one of them is not trustworthy in keeping a vital secret.

Close Your Eyes        

Short: Horror                                                                    

8 year old Lydia has terrifying nightmares about something following her in the shadows, one night it pays her a visit.

  • Finalist for Short Wars 2016

War of Youth                                                                      

Short: Sci-Fi         

An army emergency room doctor stationed in the Middle East must determine the identity of the mysterious children being brought into her ER.