Pre-Intervention (2015)

Three old friends get together for a pre-intervention meeting where they will confront a close friend about her drinking problem, but their issues with each other overshadow the task at hand.

Anchored Owl Productions Inc. & D.A.S.H. Entertainment, LLC   Directed by JC Farris

The Heist (2014)

A headstrong couple is held hostage by bumbling robbers. But these are not ordinary hostages and they have a bigger secret, more important than the location of the safe.

A film by D.A.S.H. Entertainment, LLC. Made by the women of ChiFem Filmmaker Collective for the Broad Humor Film Festival Invitational. Written & Directed by JC Farris

Dooley's Delight (2014)

A couple in love enters retirement.

A film by D.A.S.H. Entertainment, LLC. Made by the women of ChiFem Filmmaker Collective. Written by Erin Dalian  Directed by JC Farris

Forced (2014)

In the not too distant past, small boards made choices for others, impacting their lives forever. 

Writer & Director: Erin Dalian, D.A.S.H. Entertainment, LLC 

Rebecca F Music Video "Underground" (filmed 2009 released 2014)

This is a music video I worked on as Assistant Director with the fabulous Chicago artist Rebecca F.      

Director: Niles Maxwell

No Peeking (2013)

This project was a collaboration with my writing group, Chicago Advanced Screenwriters, for a contest where we created a film around 10 photos.  I was the assistant director & producer.  I also had a hand in coming up with the original idea.

Director: Kent Thomas

Coffee Conspiracy (2009)

A short comedy about two friends discussing the possibility of an alien conspiracy behind the cafe culture.

This is a comedic short film I wrote & directed after the wonderful support of my writing group.

Writer & Director: JC Farris