Short Scripts (sample):

Personal                                                                                    Four female friends must face a harsh situation when one of them is not trustworthy in keeping a vital secret.

Close Your Eyes                                                                             8 year old Lydia has terrifying nightmares about something following her in the shadows, one night it pays her a visit.

  • Finalist for Short Wars 2016

War of Youth                                                                                An army emergency room doctor stationed in the Middle East must determine the identity of the mysterious children being brought into her ER.

Wine War                                                                                    A wine tasting competition heats up with a new group member.

Hook Up In Heaven                                                                      A couple discusses the complications surrounding their place in the afterlife together.

The Drawer                                                                                   A jealous husband begins to go insane over the secret contents of a locked drawer.

The Chick                                                                                  The runt chick in the group gets a lesson in bravery and who might be his real friends.

The Driver                                                                                 A driver who escorts souls to their place in the afterlife questions his position after his latest curious passenger.

A New Friend                                                                            After his father’s death a son must decide to keep or sell the family barber shop and he gets a little help from an unlikely friend.

Gordy’s Seeds                                                                         Two elderly gentlemen have met weekly for decades as friends and finally their true feelings for each other are revealed.

Gender Differences                                                                       A simple trip to the restroom after a concert has much different experiences for this couple.

Death Room                                                                               Five strangers trapped in a room must choose one of them to die or else they all will. So how do they decide?

No Easy Way                                                                                 In an insensitive society, a woman must decide the best course of action to take after killing her abusive husband.

All My Love                                                                                   A husband & wife move to a secluded cabin in the woods to forget their problems, only his problems are not the same as hers.

Cricket                                                                                           A young girl deals with an energetic cricket who disturbs her slumber.

  • Vermont Film School Film Festival Official Selection 2016


TV Pilots:

Sadie Says - Sadie, a recent widow and mother of 2 grown kids, unexpectedly lands an advice column for a popular website.


My Heavenly Job - After being killed in the prime of her life Dale finds the afterlife has a lot in store for her, like a job.