Director/Producer, ‘Daddy’s Ditty’ - Short Film Rivalry ensues as three siblings bicker preparing for their father’s memorial. Watch film HERE

Director/Producer, 'Big Mama Red: The Artwork Of Catherine Woods' - Short Documentary Catherine Woods, a Chicago based artist, discusses her most recent exhibition entitled Blood Magic, which incorporates real menstrual blood to celebrate and destigmatize what it means for a woman to be "on her period".   Watch film HERE


Director/Writer/Producer, 'Holding Pattern' - Short Film                                                             Made for the Four Points Film Project 2017.  A flight attendant survives a plane crash and struggles to find a way to cope.  Watch film HERE


Director/Writer/Producer/Editor, 'War Of The Nutters' - Short Film                                            Made for the Chicago 48 Hour Film Project 2017.  After receiving a large inheritance, a loving cat owner seeks assistance for her possible homicidal companion. Watch film HERE

  • Winner Best Use of Prop

  • Winner Audience Award Runner Up For Group C


Director/Writer/Producer, 'We Hate Bob' - Short Film                                                          Suffering through the constant torments of an extremely annoying person named Bob, a monthly support group secretly gathers to vent their frustrations.

  • Winner Best Writer - Laugh Or Die Comedy Festival 2018

  • Winner Best Director - Mountain Of Laughs Comedy Festival 2018

  • Winner Best Comedic Film - Frozen Film Festival 2018

  • Winner Audience Award Best Narrative Short - Eau Claire World Film Festival 2017


Writer/Co-Producer/Co-Director, ‘Hank of the Future’ – Short Film                                       Made for the Chicago 48 Hour Film Project 2016.  Hank, a time traveler from the future, must stop a societal breakdown by going to the year 2016 and infiltrating a secret group in charge of destroying the reputations of the rich and famous.                                                                  


Writer/Director/Producer, 'Daily Grind' - Short Film                                                             Grinding your own coffee beans takes on a whole new meaning.


Director/Producer, 'S.A.A.' - Short Film                                                                                             A support group for people with eclectic sexual desires has a new member.


Director/Co-Producer, 'Dooley’s Delight' – Short Film                                                       


Writer/Director, 'The Heist' - Short Film                                                                                            A headstrong couple is held hostage by bumbling robbers. But these are not ordinary hostages and they have a bigger secret, more important than the location of the safe.

  • Broad Humor Film Festival Selection 2014


Director/Producer/Story, 'Pre-Intervention' – Short Improvised Film                                      Three old friends get together for a pre-intervention meeting where they will confront a close friend about her drinking problem, but their issues with each other overshadow the task at hand.  Watch film HERE

  • Winner Bad Film Fest Best Improv Short 2016

  • Direct Monthly Online Film Festival Official Selection 2016

  • Broken Knuckle Film Festival Official Selection 2015


Director/Writer, 'Coffee Conspiracy' – Short Film                                                                             A short comedy about two friends discussing the possibility of an alien conspiracy behind the cafe culture. Watch film HERE